Youth Leadership


2015-2016 Officers

Tassajara Valley 4-H Officers

4-H club officers are elected annually in accordance with the club's constitution and bylaws. Under the guidance of an adult volunteer, officers are responsible for a particular part of the 4-H club's function.

Together, the 4-H club officer team is responsible for the administration of the 4-H club and its programs. Club officers plan and carry out community club meetings. This
process engages officers by encouraging them to learn from experience. The adult volunteer serves as a facilitator, counselor, resource provider, and coach to the

The objectives of holding an office include increased:

  • planning and organizing skills.
  • teamwork, leadership, and social skills.
  • communication and public speaking skills.
  • self-responsibility.
  • decision making skills.
  • record keeping and management skills.


Tassajara Valley 4-H

   President:  Prianka Deshmukh

   VP of Meeting Programs:  Sara Badal & Zahra Kiesler

   VP of Committee Volunteers

                   and Project Liaison: Sophie Cannon & Katja Zengel

   Recording Secretary:  Karleigh Cowan

   Corresponding Secretray:  Kaitlyn Cleary

   Treasurer:   Sunaina Sandeep

  Phone Tree:  Emma Morrow, Jenna Clawson, & Alexandra Hascall

   Photographers:  Kira Smith

   Hospitality:  Juliette Darroch, Morgan Cleary, & Annika Foley

   Communications:  Adam Linari

   Sargeant at Arms: Ben Hascall

   Adult Community Club Leaders: Linda Badal,  Ann-Marie Hannawacker,                                                       & Marnie Hascall